A Block of Cheese

Today is February 1st. I’m supposed to spend only $200 this month – to hell with that. I sat looking at my 5kg sack of rice this evening and said fuck it. So I went to Thriftys and bought some beautiful vegetables and fruits, some deli meat and a big block of cheese. Not that I couldn’t have survived, and I could have easily done it without sacrificing my health. But what the hell, I’m pretty lazy and cooking on a budget isn’t exactly fun. Excuses, excuses – what a weight off the shoulders. Maybe I’ll still try to trim the expenses this month – namely less meals out.

I only finished 21/31 blog posts for January, or roughly two thirds of the challenge. I wonder, is it better to complete 67 percent of everything you set out to do, or complete 100 percent of 67 percent of your goals. My initial gut reaction tells me the latter is better. Finish what you start, and if you won’t finish, then don’t start. But that second part of the sentence doesn’t quite sit right either. So if you won’t finish your goal, don’t even bother starting? That’s kind of shitty. Maybe its an average that I should be shooting for. So if I complete 2/3rds of my January challenge and none of my February challenge, I’m averaging a 1/3 completion rate. What would be a good completion rate? I guess its all relative to how difficult the goal is. If I set a goal of waking up every morning before noon then I’ll have some pretty spectacular completion rates. February is just a set back. I will persevere!

This doesn’t bode well for those poor physically challenged kids and the lonely seniors.


True Fiction

Richard sat on the long side of the cold hard table with a low hanging, bare light bulb overhead. The room was otherwise dare, and the yellowing light from the bulb cast a shadow of the muff on his head onto the table in front of him. The light lit the faces of the detectives on either end of the table. He stared at the shadow his hair cast. Maybe he should have gotten the haircut? He had a calm, thoughtful expression on his face – like it was the first time he’s had a chance to really collect his thoughts in a really long time. He looked exhausted, dark shadowy bags under his eyes.

The detectives sat quietly, watching Richard push his thumb into the crumbs on his plate and licking them off. He had insisted on a snack, and now he moved slowly and deliberately. They had a hard time reading him. He just sat there and so they sat there – trying to be patient. But the fat detective wasn’t comfortable in his seat and alternated between shuffling backwards and then sliding forwards again in the wood chair. Now and again he’d reach down and pinch at his balls, giving his scrotum a good tug through his clothes in order to keep things in order. If he could, he wouldn’t wear pants at all. In fact, if this man was created a little less motivated he could have defined the word ‘slob’. But he did slightly better than that. His round face was shaved and he had a clean shirt on. His shirt probably didn’t smell nice anymore, but it had obviously been clean when he put it on that morning.

“You were telling us about the day you met Germaine.” The second detective broke Richard from his train of thought. His voice startled both Richard and the fat detective.

The 20th Post

Wow, time flies. Here I am, a few days from the end of the month and I’m writing my 20th blog post. Actually its my 19th this month, but I’m including the first post, that I wrote in March last year with good intentions, but without a measurable goal to work towards. This month I am supposed to write a post every day. Early on I realized that I should adjust that to an average of a post a day. Right now I’m averaging .714 posts per day, including this post (and assuming that this is my only post of the day – which it hopefully won’t be since I’m so far behind). Does that number ring any bells? It happens to be exactly one-tenth of my daily living allowance next month, $7.14! Coincidence? Or some sign I need to see? If only this was my 200th blog post of the month then it would be a perfect and complete mind-fucker, excuse my language.

It took me a minute...

Little Brown Boy

Here is another scrap of a poem that I think I started writing for Christmas to Kevin and Nada.

“Kevin and Nada!”
yelled the little brown boy.
He ran up behind them,
his hand held a toy.

“It’s Christmas Nada!”
yelled the little brown boy,
“It’s Christmas Kevin!”
said the boy with the toy.

“You’re going to be late!”
said the little brown boy.
“Everyone’s waiting!”
screeched the boy with such joy.

“We can take my horse Nada”
said Kev with a start.
“Just hang on to his horn,
he’s actually a unicorn.”

So into the sky,
on the back of a horse

And again, I got distracted by something and thats where it ends. Merry Christmas!

These face paintings are worth checking out.

Pineapple head

Rocket Ships and Dragons Part 2

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if my blog has been indexed yet by Google, and it has. If you search ‘rocket ships and dragons’ in Google, my post by the same name (rocket ships and dragons) ranks 3rd. Obviously there isn’t a heck of a lot of content on the internet related to rocket ships AND dragons. I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of demand either. But what I did find interesting was the first result that Google returned. Its a poem called Rocket Ships and Dragons and appears in a forum dedicated to Attention Deficit Disorder. How appropriate! What’s more, the poster’s avatar is Hobbes, from Calvin and Hobbes. Eerie. I’ll share the poem here;

The boy sits in his small school desk tapping,
a rolling of all fingers,
a drumming-marching-rolling motion,
in beat to an imaginary army.
He squirms in his chair.
The teacher’s voice drones on as the boy
daydreams to the moon and back,
visions of little Jackie Paper and his pal Puff,
on billowed wings. . . and other fancy stuff
dance in his head . . . .

“Jamie! . . . . .Jamie, Are you listening?”
“What . . . . Yes Mrs. Jones.”
“Oh . . . . the answer is eight. . . . four plus two is
“Yes. . . . . I will pay attention next time”

A ratta-tat-tat-tapping again,
a wiggling-jiggling-shaking, his leg’s
in motion as the teachers voice
fades into the sound of the rocket blasting
off. . . . blasting off to a day-dreamy
journey to the moon. . . .

By James

Oh, and I’ll bet this post will solidify a top rank for me for ‘rocket ships and dragons’. I can’t wait for my first organic search traffic!

Raising 10k

Thats no easy task and I’m glad I have a few months to come up with some sort of plan.  Here are some of the ideas I have to date, I’m hoping others have some ideas too.  In case you need a refresher – here’s my plan for the year.  It includes raising $10,000 (or $5,000) for a local charity in May.

  1. In June I will be painting a mural on the side of a Nanaimo building.  I don’t know which building and I don’t know what it will be.  What if I come up with 3-5 different mural designs loosely related to the charity in question, and auction the mural to the highest business bidder in the city?  The costs would come out of my pocket, and of course I would have to find a willing canvas.  Maybe try to drum up a little publicity for it.  Estimated proceeds; $2,000-5,000?
  2. I saw a country club that offers its space to non-profits for fundraising efforts.  They provide the meals at $15/person, and up to 100 tickets can be sold for $25 each ($10 profit).  The fundraiser takes bar proceeds as well.  Maybe this could be combined with the announcement for the mural bidder?  Combining it would bring local business owners to the event and help fill seats.  But normally there is some sort of attraction related to a fundraiser – some reason for going besides the dinner.  I’ll have to give that some thought.  Estimated proceeds; $1,00o.
  3. ???

Of course I still have to figure out which charity to support.  Looking for any suggestions on that too.

I Don’t Give a Damn

hahahahahhaha!!!! We're having fun!

I’ve often thought it would be nice to give back to the community in some way.  I always find it inspiring to see people who are so passionate about helping people and it would be nice to help them do that if I can, even if its just for a month.  Sure, it would be nice if I could offer my help a little more consistently, but I’ve got some form of ADD and after a month I’m not sure I’ll give a damn about some lonely old pensioner.  Ha, now that’s not true, but intentions and actions often don’t align over the long-term.  So, as part of my monthly challenges I’ve decided to spend one month giving my time (March), and one month raising money for a specific local charity (May).  It’s the May challenge that is causing me a little grief because its a lot easier to give away my time than it is to ask people for their money, even if it is for a good cause.  After all, there are so many really good ways to spend your money (both charitably or otherwise).  But I have some ideas I’m working on that might help.

What I need to figure out soon is which charity to invest my energy in.  I would like it to be a local charity, and preferably something that the government doesn’t support.  For example, I know the food bank is a very worthy cause, but at the same time (and please correct me if I’m wrong), the government provides basic support to those that need it.  Obviously people get into situations in their lives where they do really struggle to put food on the table, but I think those can be temporary situations because there is a government social net that should catch people that are in need (am I totally wrong on this?).  I understand that there are people who have difficulty helping themselves and jumping through the bureaucracy for any number of reasons (including addiction and mental illness), but that’s a different issue altogether.

I think I would like to help an organization that helps kids who don’t get a fair start because of their circumstances.  Maybe a group that provides support, activities, or something similar that lets kids be kids, helps with self-confidence and inspires imagination.  I think the money could have a big impact with kids, but I’m not sure how.  Does anyone know of a local group like that?  Any suggestions?