Rocket Ships and Dragons Part 2

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if my blog has been indexed yet by Google, and it has. If you search ‘rocket ships and dragons’ in Google, my post by the same name (rocket ships and dragons) ranks 3rd. Obviously there isn’t a heck of a lot of content on the internet related to rocket ships AND dragons. I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of demand either. But what I did find interesting was the first result that Google returned. Its a poem called Rocket Ships and Dragons and appears in a forum dedicated to Attention Deficit Disorder. How appropriate! What’s more, the poster’s avatar is Hobbes, from Calvin and Hobbes. Eerie. I’ll share the poem here;

The boy sits in his small school desk tapping,
a rolling of all fingers,
a drumming-marching-rolling motion,
in beat to an imaginary army.
He squirms in his chair.
The teacher’s voice drones on as the boy
daydreams to the moon and back,
visions of little Jackie Paper and his pal Puff,
on billowed wings. . . and other fancy stuff
dance in his head . . . .

“Jamie! . . . . .Jamie, Are you listening?”
“What . . . . Yes Mrs. Jones.”
“Oh . . . . the answer is eight. . . . four plus two is
“Yes. . . . . I will pay attention next time”

A ratta-tat-tat-tapping again,
a wiggling-jiggling-shaking, his leg’s
in motion as the teachers voice
fades into the sound of the rocket blasting
off. . . . blasting off to a day-dreamy
journey to the moon. . . .

By James

Oh, and I’ll bet this post will solidify a top rank for me for ‘rocket ships and dragons’. I can’t wait for my first organic search traffic!


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