A Block of Cheese

Today is February 1st. I’m supposed to spend only $200 this month – to hell with that. I sat looking at my 5kg sack of rice this evening and said fuck it. So I went to Thriftys and bought some beautiful vegetables and fruits, some deli meat and a big block of cheese. Not that I couldn’t have survived, and I could have easily done it without sacrificing my health. But what the hell, I’m pretty lazy and cooking on a budget isn’t exactly fun. Excuses, excuses – what a weight off the shoulders. Maybe I’ll still try to trim the expenses this month – namely less meals out.

I only finished 21/31 blog posts for January, or roughly two thirds of the challenge. I wonder, is it better to complete 67 percent of everything you set out to do, or complete 100 percent of 67 percent of your goals. My initial gut reaction tells me the latter is better. Finish what you start, and if you won’t finish, then don’t start. But that second part of the sentence doesn’t quite sit right either. So if you won’t finish your goal, don’t even bother starting? That’s kind of shitty. Maybe its an average that I should be shooting for. So if I complete 2/3rds of my January challenge and none of my February challenge, I’m averaging a 1/3 completion rate. What would be a good completion rate? I guess its all relative to how difficult the goal is. If I set a goal of waking up every morning before noon then I’ll have some pretty spectacular completion rates. February is just a set back. I will persevere!

This doesn’t bode well for those poor physically challenged kids and the lonely seniors.


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  1. Mornin!

    Was wondering how your February challenge was going? Progress update?

    “I wonder, is it better to complete 67 percent of everything you set out to do, or complete 100 percent of 67 percent of your goals.” – good question. I’d say the former. I think if you don’t have the pressure to complete 100% of a task then you start more tasks and, in the end, even if you don’t complete them all, you’ve actually achieved more in an absolute sense. Plus starting stuff is always the most exciting time and inspires starting even more new stuff. Finally, that saying that the last 10% takes 90% of the time is pretty true. Delegate that!


  2. Posted by Lynne on February 18, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Michael, I think finishing something just because you started it is way oversold. Bret’s mom convinced him that he should stay in the choir for the whole year because he had made a “commitment”. That was probably a month or two into it. It’s not like anyone would have gotten hurt.
    If the goal wasn’t a worthy one to start, it’s better to abandon it than persevere. So, what’s the big deal about limiting your spending to $200? Hubris? You’re doing fine. And hey, we lonely seniors don’t feel neglected. Come and have dinner with us one day next week, and we’ll give you high marks for social responsibility. 🙂


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