A game a bunch of us played growing up was called “Real Life Situation”.  It was basically gun-wielding lunatic situations where you had to treat the situation like you imagine you really would.  The events occasionally escalated, to the point where someone dialed 911 once, and more recently an acting friend had real police guns turned on him (including a sniper on another building) and his game of “Real Life Situation” turned real, really quickly.  It’s one of my favourite stories.

Tonight while flipping through an old notepad I have from my Income Tax Act course (which was the inspiration I needed to not become an accountant), I came across notes for an idea I had.  I think there’s potential here.

  1. Plan a bank robbery, really well.
  2. Film myself, in disguise, robbing the bank.
  3. Create a game where people try to solve the crime.
  4. I post clues including snippets of video on some website.

The idea seems to take a right turn onto a totally different tangent here.  But I think I see a spark of something.  I worry how the game would end though. It couldn’t end well I don’t think.  Either I get caught or stop posting clues.  Maybe it could be a back-up plan if I struggle with May’s challenge.  Everyone get on the floor!  This is a robbery!

Darth vader?

He should have gone with a light sabre.

While looking for this picture I came across this news story that paints a pretty poor picture of the US’s medical system.  Will the man get his treatment in jail?


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  1. Posted by Lynne on January 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I find Hof’s comment to be very perceptive. But what guy is he referring to?


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