Getting shit done.

My blog goes public today. So welcome, your time is valuable and I’m sure this will be a waste it. I was supposed to blog every day this month and I’m playing catch up. I’m a couple weeks into a New Year’s resolution to get shit done. All those little things that I think would be fun to challenge myself with. Starting out with the January challenge of writing this blog is my way of journaling the process. And there’s an opportunity to learn from this along the way too. It’s actually my first domain, and having a website sounds so much cooler than having a blog. If you want details of how my year will look, check out this early post that will provide an outline. In August I’m only going to eat locally (very locally) and in November I’m going to finally write that book I’ve been meaning to do. We’ll see how well this goes. So far I’m behind and am trying to spit out garbage posts as quick as I can but even shitty posts take time.

I took this photo in a thrift shop in Berlin and was never sure if I would ever get to share it. I almost bought the thing, but couldn't justify the 13 Euros.


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