The $200 Month

Next month is my $200 month. If it was summer and I had a sublet I’d consider cancelling the phone and doing a truly $200 month, buuuut it will have to do as is. So for February I will spend no more than $200 on food, transportation, and entertainment. It happens to be the shortest day of the year, which obviously helps. That’s $7.14 a day. I think its really doable and will just take a little planning – like remembering to pack a lunch when I go out. A healthy breakfast will be about a dollar, lunch for a buck and a half, and a simple but healthy dinner for three dollars. That leaves me a dollar for some fruit and snacks, and $1.25 for entertainment. I guess I’ll be going to the arcade a lot. I could afford a 6-pack of beer every week if I remember to bring the empties back. But I don’t want it to affect my life too much.  I can still do most of my favourite things.  I just don’t recommend anyone invite me to a potluck in February, unless you like oatmeal.


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