The 13th Month

So I figured out a 13th challenge that will act as a fill-in in case one of the others can’t be done logistically. After all shit happens, right?  So, drum roll… if I need a replacement challenge, I hereby proclaim that the first one in line to fill the hole will be to advocate for a month, full-time, for something I believe strongly in.   There are a few things that come to mind right away.  A couple ideas:

1. Figure out what would need to happen (or what I could do to get the conversation rolling again) to resurrect the efforts to extend the Nanaimo harbourfront boardwalk past the ferries to Departure Bay beach (it currently goes as far as the beach beside the ferry, on the Departure Bay side below Estates Park).  It would add so much value to the existing boardwalk, which really is a great resource for Nanaimo but could be improved so much more. It would open up a great swimming area to the residents that live within range of the boardwalk.  Apparently there is a land owner that has the foreshore license of a stretch of land where the boardwalk would need to pass through.  Well surely there’s some way around that.

2. Another thing I’m passionate about is the general benefits to individuals and society of bicycling over driving.  It would be nice to spend a full-time month educating people about that.  This isn’t new though, I had started researching for an infographic for a simple website hurrah-ra-ing the benefits of bicycling.

3. Lastly, I could easily dedicate a month to advocating parents to take responsibility for the nutritional and/or fitness health of their children.  I’m not sure how that would look, but there is definitely a need and opportunity.

Regardless of which route I decide to take, I could experiment some of the viral marketing strategies I learn about with work.  It would be a good opportunity to apply some of the ideas I have with something I feel strongly about. I just need some sort of tool to help with personal accountability which I’m hoping these monthly challenges will provide.  Just do my best – that should be the motto.


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