Old People Adventures

I just read a great article about a woman who recently died at 100 years old in Victoria.  She had a full life of adventure during decades when adventure meant something different, more dangerous.  We can have adventures today, but they’re different somehow from the adventure of the past.  Adventure somehow seemed more earnest and more dramatic in the past.  Or maybe much of it just sounds more dramatic because of its strangeness and our Hollywood-inspired perception of it.  Adventure can come in at least a few forms, for example adventure borne out of necessity or circumstances, and adventure in the name of discovery.  And it makes sense that adventure then is different because we’re so connected today and so much more information is available at our fingertips.  But maybe adventure was just a slower process; slower to prepare for it, slower to get there, and slower to get out of it again.  But the pieces of the process were much the same.  And because it took longer, people could adapt more gradually – that would make it less dramatic or sensational.  Of course, we’ve also replaced many of the skills necessary in those days as technology has advanced, so we would be in no condition to attempt even moderate adventures of the past.  Adventure has become faster and more convenient, but only marginally safer.  Many of the same risks are still present today, as is much of the uncertainty.   It makes me wonder what I look for in adventure.  I guess its that feeling of being on the edge of something that is exciting, something of discovery and story-telling.  I also like to look at old people and imagine the adventures that they’ve had.

Ancient adventure

This is an old map.


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  1. Posted by Lynne on January 23, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    I heard lots about Pat’s and George’s adventurous life during our time in Hawaii. I think the most important thing is being willing to go, by oneself if necessary, but go. Adventures can take place in different realms. I could go and walk across some vast geological space, or I can just stay here and be with Hans and Bruno. Both are adventures.


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